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[Bug ld/20113] Partial relro support for s390x ld

From: maamountk at hotmail dot com
Subject: [Bug ld/20113] Partial relro support for s390x ld
Date: Wed, 02 Jan 2019 18:42:36 +0000


--- Comment #9 from maamountki <maamountk at hotmail dot com> ---
Hi Nick,
Well, It's correct but there one thing we should care about is the relocations,
Testsuite doesn't cover all the relocations types I tested a few more but not
all of them because I see the relocations are bounded properly to .got and
.got.plt sections in bfd while the linker script take care of positioning these
sections so I think it's ok btw this is not the case for gold which require me
to do a little work on relocations since the sections are positioned manually

While toolchain configured as: --target=s390x-ibm-tpf I got the same testsuite 
failures without the patch applied.

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