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[Bug gas/24258] v8.5 extension "frintts" missing as a separate feature

From: sudi at gcc dot gnu.org
Subject: [Bug gas/24258] v8.5 extension "frintts" missing as a separate feature
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2019 19:04:16 +0000


--- Comment #5 from Sudakshina Das <sudi at gcc dot gnu.org> ---
If we take Armv8.5-A as an example and if we check include/opcode/aarch64.h for
all the new feature bits added

/* Flag Manipulation insns.  */
#define AARCH64_FEATURE_FLAGMANIP       0x4000000000ULL
/* FRINT[32,64][Z,X] insns.  */
#define AARCH64_FEATURE_FRINTTS         0x8000000000ULL
/* SB instruction.  */
#define AARCH64_FEATURE_SB              0x10000000000ULL
/* Execution and Data Prediction Restriction instructions.  */
#define AARCH64_FEATURE_PREDRES         0x20000000000ULL
/* DC CVADP.  */
#define AARCH64_FEATURE_CVADP           0x40000000000ULL
/* Random Number instructions.  */
#define AARCH64_FEATURE_RNG             0x80000000000ULL
/* BTI instructions.  */
#define AARCH64_FEATURE_BTI             0x100000000000ULL
/* SCXTNUM_ELx.  */
#define AARCH64_FEATURE_SCXTNUM         0x200000000000ULL
/* ID_PFR2 instructions.  */
#define AARCH64_FEATURE_ID_PFR2         0x400000000000ULL
/* SSBS mechanism enabled.  */
#define AARCH64_FEATURE_SSBS            0x800000000000ULL
/* Memory Tagging Extension.  */
#define AARCH64_FEATURE_MEMTAG          0x1000000000000ULL

These can all be potentially added by a ARMv8.4-A implementation
but do not all have command line options.

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