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vgatherpf0dpd encoding

From: Hendrik Greving
Subject: vgatherpf0dpd encoding
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2019 15:16:50 -0700

Could somebody be so kind and cross check the following encoding, not sure if that's a binutils or llvm bug:

62 b2 fd 2f c6 4c 7a

DynamoRIO (should be this instruction):
vgatherpf0dpd  {%k7} 0x17(%rdx,%ymm15,2)[8byte]

Capstone => error

Binutils (false positive or correct?):
vgatherpf0dpd  0xb8(%rdx,%xmm15,2){%k7}
At least the index register size seems wrong, should be vm32*y*

LLVM-MC (false negative or correct?)

Thanks (correct mailing list?)

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