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[Bug libctf/27360] libctf.so.0: undefined symbol: bsearch_r

From: nick.alcock at oracle dot com
Subject: [Bug libctf/27360] libctf.so.0: undefined symbol: bsearch_r
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2021 14:24:37 +0000


--- Comment #19 from Nick Alcock <nick.alcock at oracle dot com> ---
After a lot of struggling, I can now trigger an install-time relink and see it
triggering searches of very much the wrong place for libiberty.a (the install
tree, even if --enable-install-libiberty was not passed in, which means it
could be linking against *anything*). This is clearly wrong.

The CTF_LIBADD stuff in libctf/configure.ac is supposed to force searches for
libiberty induced by libctf to go to the right place, but it's not working
because the -L for that is in the wrong place in the link line. A likely fix
was trivial once I knew what was going on.

If anyone can still reproduce this (and I can do so even on a system using GCC
11 by brutally ar d'ing bsearch_r.o from the installed libiberty.a, then doing
another make install of binutils), could you try the
users/nalcock/libctf-install-relink branch I just pushed? It seems to work for
me in quick tests (though full, crazily longwinded tests will obviously be
needed given that this is a build system change and they are always fraught).

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