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[Bug binutils/26218] Invalid coff/pe arm machine type creating EFI binar

From: tnfchris at sourceware dot org
Subject: [Bug binutils/26218] Invalid coff/pe arm machine type creating EFI binary
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2021 14:20:04 +0000


--- Comment #5 from Tamar Christina <tnfchris at sourceware dot org> ---
(In reply to Nick Clifton from comment #4)
> (In reply to Tamar Christina from comment #3)
> > #define     ARMPEMAGIC      0x1c0
> > 
> > But the problem is how do we change the default target's magic value..
> > If we just change it I believe we break objdump and the linker's ability to
> > recognize the format.
> > 
> > perhaps expose it as a different format?
> Probably a new target configuration.  Something like arm-efi ?
> It looks like the ARM_WINCE code is currently redundant - I could not find
> it #defined anywhere - but maybe we need to resurrect it ?

It's set in bfd/config.bfd when defining the targets

  arm-wince-pe | arm-*-wince | arm*-*-mingw32ce* | arm*-*-cegcc*)
    targ_selvecs="arm_pe_wince_le_vec arm_pe_wince_be_vec arm_pei_wince_le_vec
    targ_cflags="-DARM_WINCE -DARM_COFF_BUGFIX"

It must be working since otherwise any WINCE devices (which afaik are still
used in some old windows embedded devices) would have the loader reject the
binaries as unknown.

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