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Issue 40399 in oss-fuzz: binutils:fuzz_nm: Stack-overflow in mmo_get_sym

From: amo… via monorail
Subject: Issue 40399 in oss-fuzz: binutils:fuzz_nm: Stack-overflow in mmo_get_symbols
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2021 00:19:12 -0700

Comment #1 on issue 40399 by amo...@gmail.com: binutils:fuzz_nm: Stack-overflow in mmo_get_symbols

Not a bug. It's perfectly fine for fuzzed objects to generate stack overflows and any other out of memory condition, especially since asan instrumented functions have much larger stack frames than non-instrumented. In this case we have an mmo object file which stores its symbol table as a byte encoded tree structure. That tree is read by recursively descending the nodes. A trivial bit of fuzzing leads to arbitrarily deep trees, and it appears that asan instrumentation will blow the stack after 250 or so recursive calls. A fuzzer own-goal.

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