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[Bug-cvs] bug with cvs ignore processing?

From: Kuros Yalpani
Subject: [Bug-cvs] bug with cvs ignore processing?
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 10:28:20 +0200

Hallo! I recently installed cvs (1.10.7) for our company of ~50
developers in a pserver configuration. The clients are WindowsNT
and the server is a SUSE linux.
I fell victim to the following constraints:
1) We want to import file-types the 'cvs import' command ignores by
2) We want to maintain the list of files that are ignored on the server.
That way,
     if there is a new filetype that we want ignored, it has to be added
at only one

I tried the following:
1) '-I !' option to the import command. But this overrides the server
side 'cvsignore'
2) I modified the cvs source 'ignore.c' and deleted the default ignore
list. This
    worked :-))

Q: Why do I think that this is a bug?
A: CVS import ought not force me to use its default ignore list

B.T.W "Open Source Development with CVS, by Karl Fogel" claims that
comments '#' in the cvsignore file are OK. This is NOT true!

I would certainly appreciate your thoughts on this issue.... Thanks.

Kuros Yalpani

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