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cvs as Windows NT service

From: Joël MERLIN
Subject: cvs as Windows NT service
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 15:42:23 +0200

I'm running the Windows NT cvs server 1.10.8NT
The NT service created for this particular version is not checking the "services" file for a non default port number.
I added the simple following code to ensure compatibility in the file ./ntservice/Service.cpp:
 sockaddr_in sin;
   // Get port from known services
   struct servent *sptr = getservbyname("cvspserver", "tcp");
   u_short usPort;
   if (sptr) {
      // Get specific cvpserver port number
      usPort = sptr->s_port;
   else {
      // Get default cvspserver port number
      usPort = htons(CVS_PORT);
Thus, we can change "cvspserver" to get another port number.
Find the attached source file with "@@jmerl" signature
Joel d:)
(SMTP: jmerlin@cognicase.fr)

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