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CVS Pragma - extensibility for CVS

From: Martin Cleaver
Subject: CVS Pragma - extensibility for CVS
Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2000 12:52:40 -0700 (PDT)

Hi there,
  I wrote this a while back but I don't remember whether I submitted
it. Hopefully the description below is sufficient - even if you don't
use my implementation you may wish to consider the idea. 


>From Pragma.c:
 * Pragma (Martin.Cleaver@BCS.org.uk) 10/Dec/1997
 * ================================== ===========
 * Allows users/administrators to add arbitrary commands under the
 * command. Typically this is used to prototype new cvs commands, but
 * also allows customisation of without recompilation.
 * Commands are added under the 'cvs pragma' prefix. For instance,
 * I can create a new command 'cvs pragma gettags' which shows all
 * tags in use in this module.
 * The extra commands are stored in CVSPRAGMADIR. The first argument
 * the command when executed is one of 'client', 'server' or
 * If all the work can be done without looking at the repository, 
 * implementation is 'client' side, work that can only be done on the

 * server is 'server' side. 
 * Our gettags example might run as follows:
 *              cvs co foo
 *      cd foo
 *              cvs pragma gettags param1 param2
 *      This finds and runs $CVSPRAGMADIR/gettags as:
 *              $CVSPRAGMADIR/gettags client param1 param2
 * If gettags needs access to the repository it may choose to
 * invoke 'cvs pragma server gettags' at which point it effectively
 * runs an RPC on the server. Again CVSPRAGMADIR is used to locate
 * the server version of gettags (ideally this is the same script)
 * running it with 'server' as the first parameter.
 * Examples included.
 * ------------------
 * To use these examples you need to copy the scripts into a
 * pointed to by $CVSPRAGMADIR on the client and server. 
 * client: 
 * I've included two examples, the first example, separate_client,
 * uses a pair of files, separate_client & separate_server
 * one for each of the client and server sides.
 * The second example, 'combined', uses a single script. This is the 
 * preferred method.
 * Notes 
 * -----
 * cvs pragma command looks first on the client and, if it can't find
 * it there, on the server for the command.
 * cvs pragma client command looks only on the client
 * cvs pragma server command if run from the client side connects and
 * sends the command to the server.
 * cvs pragma server command if run from the server side looks only
 * the server.
 * cvs pragma callback command is not yet implemented.
 * I've done only limited testing on a Windows 95 OSR2 machine at
 * At some point I might test it on Solaris.
 * Note that the check for CVSROOT should be disabled. 
 * This allows maximum flexibility.

 * Note that I have not tested this in client-server mode.
 * Note that I don't consider myself a C programmer, rather I wanted
 * to write extensions in Perl and Java and this seemed the best way!

Martin.Cleaver@BCS.org.uk (please don't reply to @yahoo.com)

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