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0.* version number & dummy timestamp problem in cvsclient.c

From: jon
Subject: 0.* version number & dummy timestamp problem in cvsclient.c
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2000 19:31:12 +0000 (GMT)

When running CVS in client-server mode through rsh or ssh, I get the
following problem.

If the revision number of the file I am checking out starts with a '0'
then the timestamp of the file gets set to 'dummy timestamp'. This has
various unpleasant consequences. I have verified that this happens with
and with 
and that it does not happen with 

So remote users cannot properly check out revision 0.* files, but
local users can! 

Looking at the source, the culprit seems to be client.c, in the line:
        if (vn[0] == '\0' || vn[0] == '0' || vn[0] == '-')
            local_timestamp = "dummy timestamp";

The first case here makes sense to me. If the client can't get a version
number then set a dummy timestamp, fair enough. I have looked at the rest
of the source, both on-line CVS books and the documentation to the cvs
client-server protocol and I cannot find any reference to the other two
cases. This leads me to think that:

  a) This is a genuine bug in client.c
  b) This is intended behaviour but not well documented (i.e. a bug in the


  c) This is intended behaviour and I have not read the docs properly. (I
     don't like this behaviour though. Can someone educate me as to the
     reasoning behind it?)

Jon Wilson

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