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Feature request for cvs log command

From: John Scott - Outlook
Subject: Feature request for cvs log command
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 09:56:29 -0000

I would like to request a feature enhancement to the cvs log command.

With the cvs log command, you can do stuff like "cvs log -d > '1 Jan 2000
12:34:56' " and get all the revision history after 1 Jan 2000 @ 12:34:56.

My request is to be able to do the same with the -r option, thus "cvs log
-r>rel-1-0" would produce a log, selecting revisions that have been made
*after* the code was tagged with release 1.0.

This goes back to a question I asked a while ago about displaying revision
history *after* a particular tag so that I could produce a change log file.
Currently the -r option *includes* the requested tag, so it includes some
changes that were in a previous release.

At present the only way I can see to do this is to look at the date of the
tag and then look at revisions made after that date. A slicker way would be
to do this directly from the tag.

Any comments?




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