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Re: Merging bug (wrong conflicts)

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: Merging bug (wrong conflicts)
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 16:06:10 -0500

Sorry it took me son long to respond.  I was leaving this for someone 
about it and forgot until I spotted your more recent email.

Jacob Burckhardt wrote:

> Karl Tomlinson writes:
> > "Derek R. Price" wrote:
> > >
> > > > Karl, do you know what, specifically, was causing the merging problems?
> > > I can't come up with a minimal test case based on the message and 
> > > comments in
> > > your patch.
> > >
> > > I'm thinking that the eight cases Jacob has might all be examples of only 
> > > a
> > > few or even one error case...  Is it possible to pare those down into one 
> > > or a
> > > few simple tests?
> ...
> > The problem would only occur if the differences between versions
> > were complicated enough so that there was more than one possible
> > diff output.  All the examples of this problem I have seen have been
> > quite large files, and the problem goes away on trying to reduce the
> > size of the files.
> Those large files would be in sanity.sh if we wanted to follow the
> current system that sanity.sh uses to test merges.  The current system
> is to echo the contents of the file and redirect the echo command to a
> file.  For example:
> echo "contents of
> file to
> be merged" > file_to_be_merged

Here-docs and escaped here-docs are easier for long texts:

     cat >file <<EOF


     cat >file <<\EOF

The EOF can be an arbitrary string and the \ tells the shell not to perform 

> cp cvs/src/file_to_be_merged ${TESTDIR}/working_dir
> Another idea is to have sanity.sh use the expression $0 to get the
> pathname of sanity.sh, and then it removes the sanity.sh from that

Not _completely_ a bad thing, though I might like to hear some other opinions 
on the
matter.  I think I would try and avoid it though, if you can.  On the other 
hand, if
the files are _really_ big, then maybe it is best.  How many lines are they - 
max, average?


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