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Re: CVS & GSSAPI (fwd)

From: Thomas Maslen
Subject: Re: CVS & GSSAPI (fwd)
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 01:11:27 +1000

"Derek R. Price" <derek.price@openavenue.com> wrote:
> I believe you can pass in additional LDFLAGS at configure time.  Something 
> like:
>     ./configure LDFLAGS=-R
> If there isn't a hook for appending flags (i.e. only overrides are allowed),
> that's something I'd be willing to fix.

Dunno whether that's true or not (I'm a configure ignoramus and proud of it), 
but one workaround is the Solaris LD_RUN_PATH environment variable, which is 
an alternative way to pass "-R <path>" to the linker.  (Probably created for 
cases just like this).  Feels kinda sleazy, and not a real long-term answer 
(libtool sounds better for that), but might hold the fort for now.

Thomas Maslen

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