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BUG in 1.11: 'cvs co .' doesn't work in empty working directory with rem

From: Jiri Kovalsky
Subject: BUG in 1.11: 'cvs co .' doesn't work in empty working directory with remote repository.
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 12:29:23 +0200

Hello all,
I would like to warn of the bug appearing on Windows operating system in 1.11 
version of CVS executable. I am NOT able to checkout
whole contents of the remote repository using 'cvs -d 
:pserver:jkovalsky@localhost:D:\Tests\CVS\Repo1 co .' command if my working
directory is completely empty. This works on both Linux and Solaris but not 
under Windows :-( At the same time I have to say that it
works with 1.10.8 version of CVS on Windows. I always receive this message:

cvs checkout: cannot open CVS/Entries for reading: No such file or directory
cvs [checkout aborted]: no repository

If I try to checkout from local repository it works well. ('cvs -d 
:local::D:\Tests\CVS\Repo1 co .')
Is there anybody who can fix it ? Or is this behaviour as designed and I have 
to use 1.10.8. instead ?
If you reply or can give me any info about it please CC: me because I haven't 
found any way how to subscribe to this bug-cvs@gnu.org
mailing list so far.
Thanks in advance, every information is greatly appreciated.
    /____ \\ \         Jiri KOVALSKY                                            
   Sun Microsystems Czech s.r.o.
   /_____\ \\ /       Quality Assurance Engineer, Forte Tools             
Evropska 33e
  /_____/ \/ / /      Software Platforms and Products                        
160 00, Prague 6 - Dejvice
 /_____/ /   \//\
 \_____\//\   / /    Tel: +420 2 3300 9128
  \_____/ / /\ /     Fax: +420 2 3300 9299
   \_____/ \\ \      Mobile phone: +420 607 918 788
    \_____\ \\       Email: jiri.kovalsky@czech.sun.com

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