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cvs export bug.

From: AnthonyC
Subject: cvs export bug.
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 17:42:34 +0200


I seem to have found a bug in CVS version 1.11 as packaged in the 1.11-1

When I do an export of any of my repositories with this version of CVS and
this command:

     cvs export -D today common

I get the following error:

    cvs [export aborted]: cannot export into working directory

I have created a test repository and the same thing happens.  On a version
1.10.5 I can feed the exact same command with success.  I have only tested
local repositories.

>From perusing the source at codecatalog it seems that in checkout.c this
error message is triggered on checking the new directories for CVS dirs and
hence assuming that this is a working directory.  These directories are,
however, completely new directories generated by the export command.  I
check the directory created and it has erroneously created a CVS
subdirectory there with its customary files in and that is all that is has

This seems to be the fault of Create_Admin in create_adm.c not suppressing
the creation of these directories based on its last parameter being 0.
Because checkout.c calls this with m_type == CHECKOUT for the last
parameter so on an export it would be 0/false.

I am not making much headway trying to figure out what is going on in
Create_Admin so any confirmation of the problem and perhaps a fix :-) would
be appreciated...

Failing that I will continue looking.

Anthony Caetano

ps I have searched the archives and not found any hits on this, if this has
already found/discussed i profusely apologize for the spam.

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