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Alias module problem

From: Charlie Farbstein
Subject: Alias module problem
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 14:17:19 -0700

Using cvs-1.10.8 on RedHat Linux 6.2 and Sun Solaris 2.7

My repository has a CCSE module and a JCL directory under CCSE.  I defined an alias module named CCSE-JCL in my modules file as follows:


When I do a

>cvs co -d CCSE CCSE-JCL       or a
>cvs co CCSE-JCL

command everything works fine; the JCL sub-directory is not checked out, but when I do a

>cvs co -d CCSE.noJCL CCSE-JCL

command, the JCL sub-directory is checked out also.

Charles L. Farbstein
VisiCom Labs -- A Titan Company
(619) 553-5664  -- Spawar

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