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Re: repository is broken

From: Martin Neitzel
Subject: Re: repository is broken
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 21:32:23 +0200 (MET DST)

> cvs [server aborted]: "update" requires write access to the repository

I can ACK this bug here, too, and give a few more details.  The pserver
was upgrade to from cvs just shortly ago (one or two weeks).
It happens with both current and older 1.10.?? clients.
The "requires write access to the repo" msg appears for example in the
"diff", "-n update", "co -c" cmds.

On the client side, the account used really is a "anoncvs" account,
but the commands used to work fine prior to the recent server upgrade.
"anoncvs" is listed in CVSROOT/readers.

An initial look at the source didn't turn out any obviously wrong
checks leading to the erroneous error msg above.  I'll be trying to
hunt down this bug this weekend.

I'm only a bit nervous that CVS depends on a non-official
automake version.  Where would one get this version of automake?
http://www.gnu.org/ only leeds to stock automake-1.4, but no "a" or even
"e" version.

brandnew news:    If I remove "anoncvs" from the CVSROOT/readers list,
the commands work again.  This should be a good lead.
The bug hunt is declared open.

(I'm on IRC channel irc.gaertner.de, #cvs.)

                                                Martin Neitzel

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