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diff question

From: Hamill, John (J.)
Subject: diff question
Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2001 17:48:01 -0400

I have downloaded the cvs-1.11 code to my VAX.

I have a realy old version of VMS.

   OS:       VMS ver. 5.5-2 on both Hosts
   HARDWARE: DEC VAX (Sable is a 6630 and Taurus is a 6660)
   COMPILER: VAX C V3.2-044

I would like to compile the diff command that comes with cvs
but am having difficulty.

Do you know where I could get just the diff source code?


John W. Hamill                         Voice: (313) 322-2968
Ford Motor Company                       Fax: (313) 248-1388
1555 Fairlane Drive                   E-Mail: jhamill3@ford.com
Fairlane Business Park III             
Suite 200  Cube 205H                     VAX: hamill
Allen Park, MI 48101                      or: hamill@ctps.ba.ford.com

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