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Preventing mistakenly deleting branch tags

From: Stephen Cameron
Subject: Preventing mistakenly deleting branch tags
Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2001 15:21:59 -0700 (PDT)

I have a small patch that might be of use preventing users from accidentally
deleting branch tags in my usual spot:
(against the latest development version of cvs, 6/1/2001, 5:00pm CDT or so)

I don't have sanity.sh test cases (sorry) and haven't tested a lot yet, (I
wanted to see if this was considered something worth doing before jumping too
deep into it.)

The patch by default skips branch tags with a warning when you do:

cvs tag -d sometag
cvs rtag -d sometag module

It allows deleting branch tags by use of -b option (current CVS forbids the
combination of -b and -d)

cvs tag -b -d sometag
cvs rtag -b -d sometag module

if "-b" is specified, both branch and non-branch tags will be deleted.  It
might make sense to instead skip non-branch tags with a warning if -b is
specified...(that is easily accomplished, presuming my current patch is
correct, if that is deemed to make more sense.)

Any comments welcome.

-- steve

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