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Re: Couple of issues with doc/ subdir (with PATCH)

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: Couple of issues with doc/ subdir (with PATCH)
Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2001 16:05:01 -0400

Alexey Mahotkin wrote:

> Hello,
> First, why do you include *.aux files in EXTRA_DIST?  The `make
> cvs.dvi' wonderfully regenerates it running texinfo thrice...  I'm not
> sure: if there is a rationale behind it -- then it's ok.

Actually, I include them when I converted to Automake because they were 
included with
previous CVS distributions.  I'm not certain they're actually useful, I just 
didn't want
to ask at the time.

Most likely, they're generated thrice because Automake assumes that they will 
not be
distributed and adding the files to EXTRA_DIST doesn't remove them from the 
clean target,
or somesuch.

I'm inclined to trust the Automake folks at this point since these sorts of 
issues come up
there more often.  If no one objects I'll pull the auxiliary files from 

> Second, the order of .ms->.ps and .ps->.pdf is clearly reverted.  Here
> is the patch (I'm not sure about the comment above it).
> Index: Makefile.am
> ===================================================================
> RCS file: /home/cvsroot/cvs/doc/Makefile.am,v
> retrieving revision
> diff -u -u -r1. Makefile.am
> --- Makefile.am 2001/05/26 22:49:50
> +++ Makefile.am 2001/06/03 09:31:24
> @@ -81,11 +81,11 @@
>  # If they are more generic and cvs.ps is made before cvs.pdf, then cvs.pdf 
> will be
>  # generated from the generic target and the PS source, which contains less 
> information
>  # than the usual texinfo source.

This comment is still valid (unless there's a workaround which I am unaware 
of).  It
refers to creating a specific cvsclient.pdf: cvsclient.ps target as opposed to 
a .pdf.ps:
target.  The generic target, when I tried it, overrode the generic 
.pdf.texinfo: target
when postscripts are created first, and TEXI2DVI creates PDF with hotlinks, 
indices, and
TOCs, whereas the PS2PDF target creates flat pages, leaving generation from the 
source quite preferable.


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