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locked file unlocked by any user

Subject: locked file unlocked by any user
Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 14:22:26 +0200
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We have there a problem with the CVS, and don't know whether this is a bug
or feature. (Though it's hard for me to imagine it may be a feature:))
So, the problem is, that any file, locked by any ordinary user, may be
unlocked by any - same or other - user, and then locked again with his own
lock. There is an error message when an other user wants to lock an already
locked file, or unlocks a file that is not locked. But, when wanting to
unlock a file locked by anyone, it gets unlocked immediately, without any
warning or error.
We are using CVS under Debian/Woody, version 1.10.8. Some of our developers
use CVS under Windows, with WinCVS as their graphical tool. (WinCVS uses CVS
version 1.11). If it is fixed in another version, and should upgrade to it,
please point me into the right direction.

Murvai-Buzogány László                  Laszlo.Murvai-Buzogany@gt-systems.hu

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