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preventing disturbance of branch tags.

From: Stephen Cameron
Subject: preventing disturbance of branch tags.
Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 07:07:14 -0700 (PDT)

I worked on my patch a bit last night.

I wrote about 20 sanity.sh test cases, but I forgot to diff sanity.sh this
morning, so they are still sitting at home.  Also, the diffs were for cvs
1.10.8, (what I had at home), so I haven't tested this with the latest
cvs, I'm only posting this in case someone has some insights they'd like to

(BTW, I noticed some places in tag.c where "rev = RCS_magic...(" allocates rev,
but doesn't free it, maybe, if branch_mode is set.)

I ran into a small snag that "cvs tag -F -b" already has a meaning.  So, I
introduced "-B" which means, "it's ok to disturb branch tags".

With my patch in its current state:

"cvs tag -F -b -B" may convert non-branch tags to branch tags
and vice versa.

"cvs tag -F -B" may convert branch tags to non-branch tags, but will not
disturb non-branch tags.

"cvs tag -F -b" may change a non-branch tag to a branch tag, but will not
disturb an existing branch tag.

"cvs tag -d -B" may delete branch tags, but not non-branch tags.
"cvs tag -d" may delete non-branch tags, but not branch tags.

Same goes for "rtag"

Patch is here:

-- steve

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