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Re: cvs rtag -r BRANCH -D date

From: Ken . Olstad
Subject: Re: cvs rtag -r BRANCH -D date
Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 13:51:20 -0500

larry.jones@sdrc.com writes:
> Simply allowing both -r and -D is intuitive, but it does cause
> problems for diff.  I'm throughly undecided about what the best
> approach is.

One option to specify one revision (-r<branch>:<date>) seems cleaner
than two (-r<branch> -D<date>) in all cases, especially where more
than one option may be specified, as in cvs log and cvs diff.  The
choice of ':' was unfortunate, though, because it conflicts with the
RCS-style revision range specification, as in 'cvs log
-r<rev1>:<rev2>'.  The '@' character, as in <branch>@<date>, would
have been a nice choice.  Come to think of it, since '@' isn't legal
in revision numbers, tags, or dates (I think), maybe support for this
syntax could be added (everywhere: for diff -r, update -r, update -j,
get -r, ...) without breaking anything.

Anybody see problems with this?

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