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Re: update to tested platform list

From: Martin Neitzel
Subject: Re: update to tested platform list
Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 21:38:49 +0200

Morgan Burke:
MB> PS. the Irix 6.5 pre-compiled binary on cvshome.org ought to be compiled
MB> for the R4000 (not R12000) to be executable on the widest range of SGI
MB> systems.

I am building bleeding edge cvs binaries about every two months or
so on my lowly 32bit R3000 SGI with IRIX 5.3.  People call me crazy
for supporting this platform but I was pretty successful so far with
preparing binaries for today's high-end 6.5.x SGIs on my box.

If anybody wants cvs binary kits, I could learn how to prepare proper
"inst" packages.  The only caveat I have right now is that I'll have yet
to install a current automake, and for that some perl-5, and for that...
well, you get the picture.  Give me three weeks and I'll have them kits
for anybody who's interested.


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