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Couple of nitpicks for CVS doc...

From: Gary Butaud
Subject: Couple of nitpicks for CVS doc...
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2001 17:11:38 -0700


Thanks for the manual, very useful.  A couple of minor mods if these haven't
been submitted...



Change "programs for programs" to "problems for programs" in "Connecting
with rsh" section?

"Setting up the server for password authentication"  Change "the server runs
under as the username" to "the server runs under the username" or "the
server runs as the username"?

Change "noone" to "no one"

In "Creating a directory tree from a number of files"


$ mv dir dir.orig
$ cvs checkout yoyodyne/dir       # Explanation below
$ ls -R yoyodyne
$ rm -r dir.orig

be changed to the following to make it agree with prior text in that

$ mv wdir wdir.orig
$ cvs checkout yoyodyne/rdir       # Explanation below
$ ls -R yoyodyne
$ rm -r wdir.orig

communcation to communication

In "Merging an entire branch", is the following correct?

The checkout command also supports the `-j branch' flag. The same effect as
above could be achieved with this: 

$ cvs checkout -j R1fix mod  (Isn't this sticky, so the following re-checks
it into the branch??)  
$ cvs commit -m "Included R1fix"

Does the commit know it's committing a branch to a head, and do the merge

"RCS uses a mechanism known as keyword substitution (or keyword expansion)
to help identifying the files"

"files files" to "files"

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