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Alpha VMS check checkout problems in 1.11.1

From: Mike Marciniszyn
Subject: Alpha VMS check checkout problems in 1.11.1
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2001 16:54:04 -0400

We see the following error when checking out a large number of files:

U sr_vvms/ccp_rundown.c
U sr_vvms/ccp_sendmsg.c
U sr_vvms/ccp_signal_cont.c
cvs [checkout aborted]: cannot rename file ./ccp_signal_cont.c_new_ to
./ccp_signal_cont.c: no such device or address

The system is running:

OpenVMS V7.2-1
Compaq C V6.2-006 on OpenVMS Alpha V7.2-1

The VMS POSIX rename is returning ENXIO in vms/filesubr.c's rename_file().

The checkout can be re-run from the point of failure and it will eventually
get all of the files.

Is anyone aware of problems with this VMS rename() interface?


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