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cvs bug

From: kishor kandrup
Subject: cvs bug
Date: 11 Jun 2001 03:08:51 MDT

   Hi mailing list ppl,

   I have a query about cvs,i'll appreciate reply from you.

   I am facing problem as described below :

   1.)I succeded in adding file of 300 plus MB on CVS server (binary mode).
   2.)I checked it out ,made some changes and commited(331587857 bytes) ,it
   stored on CVS server .
   3.)Again, i checked it out and changed the size to 331587903 bytes.The
   gave the following error.The space available is in GigaBytes.
   cvs[server aborted]:out of memory;can not reallocate 331587862 bytes

   Checking in bigfile8;
   /home/cvs/tr1/bigfile8,v <-- bigfile8

   The command encountered an error.

The server version used is  :1.11-1 and JCVS client version:5.2.2
Thanks in Advance

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