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out of memory during commit

From: Dumas Patrice
Subject: out of memory during commit
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 21:56:44 +0200
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I report something, which may be a bug of cvs or not, because it may also be
related to a problem with my memory configuration.

It happened with cvs 1.10 rpm binary and 1.11p1 compiled from source. 
I run linux on an intel platform, my distribution is a redhat 7.0.

I have added a big file, (I will call it "bigfile") in the repository. The file 
my working directory is 56776308 bytes, and approximately the same in the
repository. I commited it. Then I wanted to delete
it. I deleted this file in my working directory, I did cvs rm "bigfile". Then,
when I do a
$cvs commit -m "removing this too big file"
there is the following error :
cvs [commit aborted]: out of memory: can not reallocate 56776313 bytes

I have a huge amount of memory on that computer, 256Mo of RAM and a swap
partition of 500Mo and I made a swap file, also, so I don't think this is a
real need of memory.

I use top to monitor what happens, and it seems that cvs use more and more
memory until it uses 162Mo, then it stops growing and abort. I don't know
if this limit is a limit linked with the operating system or not.

I can send you more debug information and do whatever you want if it helps.


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