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Re: Help !

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: Help !
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 11:10:29 -0400

fracker wrote:

> Hello !    When I use CVS(Concurrent Version System) , I found a
> problem, I make Windows 2000 as my CVS Server, and make AIX 4.3 as CVS
> Client, set CVSROOT= :pserver:usename@host:d:\cvsroot , then login, it
> failed, why ? It's my false , or bug of CVS ?    Thank you for your
> answer .

Um, somewhere in between.  When I changed the pserver spec to include a
port number none of us UNIX-centric types noticed that the new style
would exclude Windows server specs.  I'd like to know if there's a
workaround before I change the parser again though.

What version CVS server are you using on Windows?  What tools did you
use to compile it?

Does a spec like :pserver:usename@host//d/cvsroot do the trick?

What about :pserver:usename@host/cvsroot?  If this spec doesn't do the
trick, can you place a symbolic link from the default drive (probably
c:\cvsroot) to d:\cvsroot?


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