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cvs patch

From: Tom Lear
Subject: cvs patch
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2001 14:43:33 -0700
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I've written a patch to cvs to allow access to be restricted to
read-only and to specific roots. The patch adds -d and -r options to
"cvs server" this can be very nice with command= restrictions in a
.ssh/authorized_keys file, but is of (very) limited use without ssh. 
This could be put in a users .cvsrc but that would be silly unless the
user has no shell access (eg thier shell is a script that runs "cvs
server"), that's the only non-ssh use I can think of for this patch but
since it doesn't interfere with anything else I think it would be worth

command="/usr/bin/cvs server -d /home/cvs/root1 -r -d /home/cvs/root2"
in an authorized_keys file would restrict that key to having only
read-only access to /home/cvs/root1 and read-write access to

My patch adds to the ChangeLog and NEWS files, but I couldn't figure out
where in cvs.texinfo this information belongs.

And of course: I grant permission to distribute this patch under the
terms of the GNU Public License.
                                                        - Tom

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