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Lost files when commiting or tagging files

From: vincent . skold . capgemini
Subject: Lost files when commiting or tagging files
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 12:02:43 +0200


We are using WinCVS 1.2 and CVS 1.10 with the local mounted repository on an
OS/2 Warp 3 server.

Now we have some problems to save and rename files on the server or over the

This is the problem:
When we commit a file, or tag it, we rater often gets the message: Can't
rename file "file" in repository. Permission denied. 
We have looked into the repository when this happens, and together with the
lock-files even the data file disappears.

Even though the error seam to bee in the network or the server CVS should
try to prevent loss off files making a copy off the file before trying to
rename it.

Now we can't continue with CVS before the problem is fixed.

Kindly Regards
Vincent Sk├Âld

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