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Re: cvs history should display hostname

From: Rudolf Balada
Subject: Re: cvs history should display hostname
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 13:23:39 +0200


I've just one note to that. You must take care of firewalls and decide
whether the hostname/ip information will be supplied by server or
client. I vote for server, because sometimes users don't want to show
internal network configuration to all users of "public" cvs server (for
example opensource projects like NetBeans.org or OpenOffice.org). I
guess, that in this case it doesn't need to be added to the protocol or
at least must be disabled by default.


Stephen Rasku wrote:
> "cvs history" displays lines like this:
> O 2001-06-13 22:29 +0000 stephen comox
>        =comox=                                      <remote>/*
> It should display this:
> O 2001-06-13 22:29 +0000 stephen comox
>        =comox=                                      <hostname>/*
> Is this even possible?  I suppose if it was added to the protocol, it
> could be done.
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