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Re: Files with same name but different capitalization on Windows platfo

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: Files with same name but different capitalization on Windows platform.
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 11:22:19 -0400

"David T. Ashley" wrote:

> I tried every possible combination of ADD, REMOVE, COMMIT, and deleting and
> removing the file.  It just will not work.  I cannot get rid of "tkwinX.c"
> and create a new "tkwinx.c".  CVS gets confused.  I think the reason it gets
> confused is because of Windows.  I don't think this would be an issue on a
> Unix system.
> In any case, I asked the SourceForge people to trash any archives for
> "tkwinx.c" and "tkwinX.c", both in the normal place and in the "Attic".
> Then I would like to add "tkwinx.c", i.e. start again with that one.
> Is there anything else I should request that SourceForge do?  Will this
> solve it?

No, that should solve your problem.

This is a well known problem with case insenstitve clients and case sensitive
servers.  Unfortunately it is a bit messy and no one has come up with a working
fix yet.

If you are really interested, there was a recent discussion on the issue and
how to fix it which should be available from the mail archives.  Make sure to
follow the whole thread though.  IIRC, I suggested one solution and later
realized that a second was more appropriate.

Also, I've never tried or even heard of Murray Bishop's workarounnd before, but
it may work.


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