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RE: Update with keywordsubstitution

From: David T. Ashley
Subject: RE: Update with keywordsubstitution
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 11:24:18 -0400

Dear Thomas,

I disagree with your assessment of this situation.

-kb means that neither form of substitution (end-of-line or keyword) is
enabled.  Another possible mnemonic for "b" is "both disabled" (rather than

There are farfetched circumstances where a person may want to take a file
which was checked in "-kb" and enable one form of substitution on checkout.

I see this as kind of a "user intelligence" debate rather than a technical
debate.  It reminds me of the questions surrounding the 'C' programming
language, about questionable type casts and so forth.

How intelligent are you assuming the user is?

Best regards, Dave.

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Subject: Update with keywordsubstitution


if I update a directory, that contains text- and binary files, with a
specified keywordsubstitution (e.g. "-kk"), all files, even the binaries,
are fetched that way.

That's wrong. If a file is in binary mode, it should never get to text-mode,
because it corrupts the file's content!

Thomas Singer

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