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cvs-1.11.1p1 configure script

From: Steven . McLurkin
Subject: cvs-1.11.1p1 configure script
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 13:58:00 -0700

When I tried to run configure on a HP-UX B.11.00 A 9000/889 I received an
error complaining about invalid chmod option.  Upon looking into it I found
that the configure script had the following code:

chmod -f +x \
          contrib/clmerge \
          contrib/cln_hist \
          contrib/commit_prep \
          contrib/cvs_acls \
          contrib/log \
          contrib/log_accum \
          contrib/mfpipe \
          contrib/rcslock \
          contrib/sccs2rcs \

The version of chmod on our HP system does not support -f option.  After
removing this option, I was able to run configure and finish compiling cvs.

Steve Mc Lurkin

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