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Re: loginfo - 1.11.1p1 runs differently with %{sVv}

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: loginfo - 1.11.1p1 runs differently with %{sVv}
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 16:03:43 -0400 (EDT)

Dale Miller writes:
> I have a filter program written in perl that I call from "loginfo" using
> a loginfo entry in the format of:
> module filter_program -logfile=/path/commitlog -user=$USER
> -fileinfo="%{sVv}"
> This format works with v1.11 but not with v1.11.1p1
> I have discovered that if I remove the double quotes from "%{sVv}" it
> will work with both version.

Correct (mostly).  In 1.11, the expansion of the format string was a
single quoted string which would be parsed by the shell as a single
argument unless it contained an embedded single quote character.  Since
there are no escape sequences in single quoted strings, there was no
easy way to make it work with embedded single quotes.  So, in 1.11.1, it
was changed to expand to a double quoted string with any embedded
metacharacters ($, `, \, and ") escaped with a backslash, which is
correctly parsed as a single argument in all cases.

It never occurred to me that anyone would have embedded the expansion
inside a double quoted string, since that would have caused even more
file names to not work correctly, but obviously people have and it
should be in NEWS.

-Larry Jones

Temporary insanity!  That's all it was! -- Calvin

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