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Problems with rtag

From: Christophe Ngo Van Duc
Subject: Problems with rtag
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2001 16:40:08 +0200 (MET DST)

I have problem while using rtag:

[goofy:chr] /goss4/tmp/chr/AAPP 98> cvs rtag acri-2-7 eumetsat/AAPP
cvs server: Tagging eumetsat/AAPP
cvs server: Tagging eumetsat/AAPP/config
cvs server: Tagging eumetsat/AAPP/data
cvs server: Tagging eumetsat/AAPP/data/preproc
cvs server: Tagging eumetsat/AAPP/data/preproc/atlas
cvs server: Tagging eumetsat/AAPP/data/preproc/landmark
cvs server: Tagging eumetsat/AAPP/data/preproc/thresholds
cvs server: Tagging eumetsat/AAPP/include
cvs [server aborted]: cannot rename file
/acri/unix_src/eumetsat/AAPP/include/,ama1b.h, to
/acri/unix_src/eumetsat/AAPP/include/ama1b.h,v: Permission denied

the files in the repository have these rights:
-r--r--r--   1 cvs      acri        1249 Jun 20 15:09 nl1b.h,v

The server is running under the cvs id

I am using cvs-1.11p1

Sometimes it runs fine and other time it crash after doing a few directory.

The file /acri/unix_src/eumetsat/AAPP/include/ama1b.h,v is destroyed ! and i
have to manually restore the file from our daily backup.

If you have any clue about the problem ....


E-Mail: Christophe Ngo Van Duc <chr@acri-st.fr>
Fri Jun 29 16:34:13 MET DST 2001


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