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creating and removing and creating and removing....

From: Perry E. Metzger
Subject: creating and removing and creating and removing....
Date: 02 Jul 2001 14:30:10 -0400

The NetBSD project has some very large CVS repositories we've been
using for many years. Recently, I noticed that the cvs update -dP
behavior of creating every directory the repository ever had, updating
the files and then removing every directory that has ever been emptied
is VERY bad. How bad? In some cases, like our pkgsrc repository,
2/3rds or more of my cvs update time consists of creating and removing
useless directories and their associated CVS files -- and these are
very big repositories so update time is very unpleasant. I'm guessing
that with time this will only get worse.

How hard would it be to make -d only create directories that need
creating while the tree is being walked (and not ones that will end up
empty) and have -P remove directories as the tree is being walked so
it doesn't have to walk the tree yet again?

Perry E. Metzger                perry@wasabisystems.com
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