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Patch to fix val-tags bug

From: krellan
Subject: Patch to fix val-tags bug
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2001 13:38:58 -0700

> krellan writes:
> >
> > It fixes the dreaded "can't write val-tags" bug, by turning it into a
> > harmless warning!
> Thanks, but that's already fixed in 1.11.1p1.
> -Larry Jones

Are you sure?  I recently downloaded 1.11.1p1 about a week ago, installed
it, and found that it continued to have the bug.  I tried it again just
now, and I reconfirmed that I get the bug.

"cvs checkout -r MYTAGNAME myprojectname"
"cvs [checkout aborted]: cannot write /MYCVSROOT/CVSROOT/val-tags: Permission 

The version in "cvs -v" shows 1.11.1p1, so I'm running the proper executable.

The source tree we use *does* have the val-tags file, but it is read-only.
The bug happens when CVS tries to write to this file and fails.

Can you reproduce this bug on your system by setting this file read-only,
and trying to check out a tagged version of your source tree whose tag
does not exist in val-tags?

I think the bug is common to all source trees that are configured in
this way.
I know it's easy to say "Well, just fix your val-tags file!", but there's
a *lot* of source trees in the field that are set up this way.

I looked at the patch file between 1.11.1 and 1.11.1p1, and the only
real line of changes I could see was in a single strcpy() statement in
the command parser.  It didn't seem to affect the handling of val-tags
at all.

Josh Lehan

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