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CVS Help ?

From: Stephen Moore
Subject: CVS Help ?
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 14:57:46 +0100

I was wondering if any of U may be able to assist me ?

I am currently trying to set-up a CVS Client-Server system.  The server is
on a Linuc PC, and the Client has been installed on an NT PC.  I have
installed WinCVS as the WindowsNT Client, but when I connect, I get the
following error message :-

"cvsnt.exe [login aborted]: connect to LinuxTest:2401 failed: Connection

I have read the various manuals that R available, but they seem to be of no

I have read that I may have to change a file called "inetd.conf" with
various stuff, but on my CVS server, I do not have this file, but a file
called "identd.conf" in the same directory.  Is this the correct file (but
with a different name), or have I got to install something in order for this
file to be created ?  

Best Regards,
Stephen Moore

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