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Problem trying to get cvswrapper -t working

From: Bijwaard, Dennis (Dennis)
Subject: Problem trying to get cvswrapper -t working
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 10:14:00 +0200


I have a problem getting the -t (to cvs filter) cvswrapper working in order to 
do automatic java style conversion upon commit. For this purpose I uncommented 
the errors on -t/-f in cvs-1.11.1p1/src/wrappers.c line 407 and 422 that say 
-t/-f is not supported in this version of CVS.

Checking out subsequent automatic filtering of the file through indent or 
astyle works fine with the following line in $CVSROOT/CVSROOT/cvswrappers:

*.java  -f 'astyle --style=java %s'
*.java  -f 'indent %s'

I get problems when I try to use a fillter on commit (-t). This needs a filter 
with two arguments, i.e. a file to convert and a file to convert it to.

*.java -t 'astyle --style=java < %s > %s'
*.java -t 'indent %s -o %s'

I always seem to get the following error on rename (on linux) because my 
working version is on another partition as the /tmp directory:

Checking in test.java;
cvs [commit aborted]: cannot rename file /tmp/cvsyI0dLl to test.java: Invalid 
cross-device link

Kind regards,
                Dennis Bijwaard
Lucent Technologies
                    Bell Labs Innovations

Dennis Bijwaard (mailto:bijwaard@lucent.com)
Developer New Technologies, Bell Labs Twente
Capitool 5, NL-7521 PL Enschede, The Netherlands
Phone. +31 35 6875718 or +31 53 4845718, Fax: +31 53 4845777

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