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Re: depcomp problem [Fwd: Trying to compile latest CVS on old SC

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: depcomp problem [Fwd: Trying to compile latest CVS on old SC Ounixware 2]
Date: 19 Jul 2001 11:06:11 -0600

>>>>> "Steve" == Cameron, Steve <Steve.Cameron@compaq.com> writes:

Steve> Now, it seems configure decides that I don't have dirent.h, (I think)
Steve> and diff/dir.c, line 64, "DIR" comes up unknown:

Steve> I do have /usr/include/dirent.h which has a struct dirent
Steve> typedefed to be DIR, though.  There's also a /usr/include/sys/dirent.h
Steve> which looks kernel/filesystem related... maybe it's finding that and
Steve> not liking it?  (But it's always been there before too.)

Steve> Ugh.  Hard to decipher what "configure" is doing....

You can look at how configure tries to do test compilations by reading
config.log.  Sometimes this is helpful.

Unfortunately we can't yet rule this out as a problem with `compile'.
For instance, perhaps the compile script can somehow confuse
autoconf's compile checks, leading it to decide the wrong thing about

However, more investigation is necessary.

Another debugging technique that helps is to edit configure directly.
Find where it tests for dirent.h and add `set -x' before it and `set
+x' some time after it.  Then remove config.cache and reconfigure.
This way you get to see exactly what configure is doing.

Good luck,

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