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Re: depcomp problem [Fwd: Trying to compile latest CVS on old SCO u

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: depcomp problem [Fwd: Trying to compile latest CVS on old SCO unixware 2]
Date: 21 Jul 2001 17:55:15 -0600

>>>>> "Derek" == Derek R Price <dprice@collab.net> writes:

Derek> Okay, this sounds like an Automake bug now.  I suspect compile
Derek> shouldn't be called for linking... only when both -o and -c are
Derek> specified.  I'm cc'ing Automake again.

It probably shouldn't be used, but working around it is a pain, at
least right now.  I fixed it in a different way a couple days ago.
I made `compile' work in this case.

Derek> Automake folks: I've included a revised patch for the lockdir
Derek> line as I'm pretty sure you'll want that bit whatever else
Derek> comes out of this.

I also fixed this in a different way.  At the same time I made the
locking really work -- we weren't actually locking when we needed to!

There's still one known failure case.  I sent a PR for it.

>> And I wonder about the line in the script:
>> "$prog" $args
>> Would that have problems with quoted arguments passed into the
>> script? Not that cvs would run into that, but still.

Derek> Actually, I think it would, but the source of the problem is
Derek> the loop that constructs $args, not this call.  I've included a
Derek> patch for this too.

Derek> -       args="$args $1"
Derek> +       args="$args '$1'"

Is this really the right thing to do?
Will it work in all the situations we care about?
(I really dislike sh.)


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