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Re: CVS 1.11.1p1 and modules

From: Didier FORT
Subject: Re: CVS 1.11.1p1 and modules
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 13:53:59 -0600

    Hi Larry,

>>Larry Jones writes:
LJ>Didier Fort writes:
>>cvs checkout: move away FILENAME; it is in the way
>>We get that message every time a file is in at least 2 sub-modules.
LJ>What are the exact module definitions?

    Here's the module definition:

Lib_Alias       -a lib etc srclib/Makefile

# Database Module
EA_DB_Alias     -a database/EventArchive
EA_DB_Full      -d EventArchive &EA_DB_Alias

# Java Module
EA_JAVA_Alias     -a srclib/com srclib/Makefile.rules_java Lib_Alias
EA_JAVA_Full      -d EventArchive &EA_JAVA_Alias

# Java Native Interface module
EA_JNI_Alias    -a srclib/EA_JNI EA_JAVA_Alias
EA_JNI_Full     -d EventArchive &EA_JNI_Alias

# Java 3rd party module
EA_ThirdParty_Alias    -a srclib/EA_ThirdParty EA_JAVA_Alias
EA_ThirdParty_Full     -d EventArchive &EA_ThirdParty_Alias

# Document Module
EA_Doc_Alias    -a documents/EventArchive
EA_Doc_Full     -d EventArchive &EA_Doc_Alias

# Scripts Module
EA_Script_Alias -a script/EventArchive
EA_Script_Full  -d EventArchive &EA_Script_Alias

# Messages definition: ASN.1, XML
EA_MsgDefs_Alias -a include/EA_MsgDefs srclib/EA_MsgDefs Lib_Alias
EA_MsgDefs_Lib  -d EventArchive &EA_MsgDefs_Alias 

EA_Full         -d EventArchive \
                &EA_DB_Alias \
                &EA_JAVA_Alias \
                &EA_JNI_Alias \
                &EA_ThirdParty_Alias \
                &EA_Doc_Alias \
                &EA_Script_Alias \

    I believe that the problem is the JAVA_Alias module which included
    in multiple modules that are all included in EA_Full. But maybe I
    didn't grasp the module concept.

    Thanks in advance.


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