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cvs -n flag with remote repository

From: Guansong Zhang
Subject: cvs -n flag with remote repository
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2002 20:59:52 -0500

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System: AIX redstar 3 4 000800414C00

I am using cvs to trace a daily developing project. I use the following
command to merge the change

cvs -n update -jdev:"Thu Jan 17 15:05:16 GMT 2002" -jdev:"Sat Jan 19
00:58:29 GMT 2002"

And find one the file need to be merged has problem.

Merging differences between and into filename
cvs server: filename: No such file or directory

And then the cvs will stop itself.

The problem is from that -n flag, and the fact I am using external cvs
repository through rsh.

Without that -n, the command works fine and get what I wanted.

If I change the Root file to use a local repository, it worked too.

It is a minor problem, but I just love cvs so much that ... :-)



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