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Urgent help needed - CVS import improper ...

From: Seema Agarwal
Subject: Urgent help needed - CVS import improper ...
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 12:00:26


I have a file tree of about 37,000 odd files that need to be imported
into CVS . There are binary files (archives, libraries, executables)
as well as code and documentation.

When I import these at one go (from the top node), I find that quite a
few files/directories missing from the newly created repository. Some
of these are binaries , others source code .

The command I'm using :
cvs import -kb dev vtag rtag

Another thing is that CVS inherently ignores empty directories when
importing. Is there any way to forcefully create them ? I need these
empty directories as they would be used at build time in a checked
out area.

Could someone PLEASE help out !!! Need help urgently.

Thanks & Regards,

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