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Re: CVS/ROOT case sensitive

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: CVS/ROOT case sensitive
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 17:26:23 -0500 (EST)

KNewman@DSTControls.com writes:
> I have encountered a strange case in CVS where updating multiple
> subdirectories will fail if the entry in the CVS/ROOT file in one of the
> subdirectories is different from the others, including different case. The
> error message is "cannot add new CVSROOT [different CVSROOT entry]". The
> error does not occur if the offending directory is updated separately. For
> example, if most of the subdirectories contain a ROOT entry of
> :pserver:user@server:/CVSROOT but one of the subdirectories has a ROOT entry
> of :pserver:user@SERVER:/CVSROOT, the above error message will appear. I
> found the error message in recurse.c; it occurs in two places, after
> addnode(...) is called. I also noticed several other places where there is a
> case-sensitive strcmp(current_parsed_root->original, this_root) which may be
> part of the problem.

That is a "can't happen" error -- the only time addnode fails is when a
node with the same key is already in the list, but recurse only calls
addnode when the key isn't found in the list!  What release of CVS are
you running and on what platforms?  (From the ":pserver:" in the above,
I presume you're running client/server, no?)

-Larry Jones

Hey!  What's the matter?  Can't you take a joke?!  It was a JOKE! -- Calvin

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