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commit/update filters (unsupported -t/-f wrappers)

From: Malte Starostik
Subject: commit/update filters (unsupported -t/-f wrappers)
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 19:31:20 +0100

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I was looking for a way to pipe files through a custom filter during commits 
and updates. I then found -t and -f mentioned in the default cvswrappers 
file, but when I put a -t line into it, I got the error message that -t/-f 
are not supported in this version of CVS (1.11). I then found 
http://www.cvshome.org/cyclic/cvs/dev-wrap.txt (btw, the cyclic.com URL in 
src/wrapper.c is broken).
Anyway, there is a problem how this "error" is handled: Once you commit a 
cvswrappers file with -t of -f lines in it, you cannot remove them again 
without editing the raw file inside the repository as the commit for a 
"fixed" cvswrappers file will fail with the above error :-)

Okay, I got this is not supported. Now, is there any way to achieve the 
In our project there are quite a few binary files that are needed in their 
binary form but can easily converted to text by a small program. So, I'd like 
to keep them in CVS in a text form to enable diffing, merging etc. but have a 
checkout/update deliver the binary version and a commit accept the binary 
form. So basically, when committing such a file, it should be converted from 
binary to text by a custom filter program and on update/checkout the 
conversion be reverted.

Thanks for any hints,
- --
Malte Starostik
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