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Re: commit/update filters (unsupported -t/-f wrappers)

From: Malte Starostik
Subject: Re: commit/update filters (unsupported -t/-f wrappers)
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 21:32:09 +0100

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Am Thursday 31 January 2002 21:15 schrieb Larry Jones:
> Malte Starostik writes:
> > In our project there are quite a few binary files that are needed in
> > their binary form but can easily converted to text by a small program.
> > So, I'd like to keep them in CVS in a text form to enable diffing,
> > merging etc. but have a checkout/update deliver the binary version and a
> > commit accept the binary form. So basically, when committing such a file,
> > it should be converted from binary to text by a custom filter program and
> > on update/checkout the conversion be reverted.
> I'd suggest turning your head around and thinking of the text form as
> the actual source file that's checked out and committed.  Have your
> build process turn the text form into the binary form as required for
> running (just like it turns program source files into an executable),
> and never check it in (just like you don't check in executables).
Hmm, I thought about that too, it'll be a little troublesome though.
Those files are Delphi forms (*.dfm), Delphi writes them as binary streams and 
expects them in that form as well, so they are "sources", just not very well 
manageable with CVS :(
So, while the conversion to/from text is rather simple, it's not possible to 
use the textual form with Delphi (at least in 3.0), the binary version is the 
canonical format unfortunately.
- -- 
Malte Starostik
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