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RE: spam spam spam

From: Art
Subject: RE: spam spam spam
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 10:53:04 -0600

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> From: bug-cvs-admin@gnu.org [mailto:bug-cvs-admin@gnu.org]On Behalf Of
> Gianni Mariani
> Sent: Monday, February 04, 2002 9:06 AM
> So what did we decide to do ?
> I can't stand it any longer.
> qiaofengyuan@Hotmail.com wrote:
> | spam

I apologize for adding to the "SPAM", but I second the motion
for action.

There was a mention of someone hosting the list, but not managing it,
other then implementing automatic SPAM control mechanisms.
I'd say - That's A LOT better than what's in place now!

Someelse suggested a Yahoo forum, but a counterargument was made that
that would be like AOL's SPAM control concept -- You'll ONLY RECEIVE
the TONS of obnoxious adverts AOL puts out! Errh, Yahoo.

At the moment, I filter via Microsoft Outlook's "Rules Wizard".
Every so often SPAM seeps through - so I complain to the sender's ISP
and anyone else up the food chain I can detect from the SPAM header
and body, though a lot has already been erased by the mailing list
processor. The effective SPAMMER's have already concealed themselves
well with forged headers directing you to innocent bystanders.
So, I add another rule and live content that I've killed another SPAM

BTW, I've shut-out 163.com, 263.com and a lot of .cn domains, but I've
noticed that about 1-5% seem to be legitimate CVS maillist subscribers.
So, I don't see their questions, but it's FAR PREFERABLE to getting
SPAM from their domain!

Also, I've noticed the CVS maillist sometimes includes "Open Relay"
and "Black-Holed" info in the header from the ORBDB SPAM filter, but
I guess that's just advisory! I.e., a server took the trouble to
bounce the message sender server's IP address, detected a SPAMMER,
but forwarded the SPAM anyones. Why not FILTER ALL SUSPECT SPAM and
just let the sender figure out that his ISP is irresponsible (or
making money by stealing bandwidth - directly or indirectly).

Thanks & Regards,


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